9 Funny Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Memes

The first part of the reunion for the Hollywood version of the ratchedly acclaimed VH1 franchise “Love and Hip Hop” premiered last night. Like its reunion show predecessors, it was filled with drama and eye-popping moments. And of course, it took the internet by storm. Here are 9 funny memes created by internet users:

9 Reasons Why RGIII Sucks Right Now

Robert Griffin, III was a highly-decorated, Heisman-winning college quarterback out of Baylor. He was the 2nd overall pick of the 2012 NFL Draft and the 2012 NFL Offensive Rookie Of the Year. But after a few injuries, dismal performances and questionable interviews, he seems to be on his way out of DC. Here are 9 reasons why RGIII sucks right now:


9 [F]animated GIFs, Vol. 6

The sixth installment of 9dirty’s funny animated gifs, nicknamed [F]animated GIFs. Here are 9 funny animated gifs. Sit back and enjoy.

9 Sexy 90’s Women That Fell Off

As a young boy, we had their posters on the wall. Now as men, we wouldn’t look twice their way. The 90’s were filled with celebrity women with sex appeal, with age and a few nip/tucks gone wrong, looks fade.

9 Funny Looking Rappers

You can hide behind the fame, fortune and lyrics…but what you cannot hide is an ugly mug! Here are 9 funny looking rappers:

9 Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Having trouble losing that stubborn stomach fat no matter how healthy that you are eating? Well, what you are eating might not be as healthy as you think.

9 Kim Kardashian Booty Pics

One moment she’s with Ray J, one moment she’s with Kris Humphries, the next minute she’s with Kanye West. WHO CARES?! We only want to see her in photo ops, preferably from the back.

9 Vehicles That Are Better Than Yours

2013 will bring a new wave of luxury vehicles that look like something out of a Jetsons cartoon. But for the common consumer, they might be out of our price range. It doesn’t hurt to admire from afar though.

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 of Love and Hip Hop tied-in and brought clarity to Episode 8…

18 Golden Olympic Moments

London has played host to one of the most memorable Olympic Games in history, and they are far from over. So far, we have witnessed the greatest athletes in the world doing