9 Signs That You’re a Facebook Addict

6          “Grandma just get on


via: The Odd Fellows Home of Massachusetts

Family trip? Took a million pictures of you and the kids? What’s the easiest way to share those pictures between family and friends? That’s right…upload them in a Facebook album! But wait, how would your 83-year-old grandmother see them? She doesn’t have a Facebook profile. If you call your grandmother and tell her that you are not sending her pics of your kids anymore, she needs to login to Facebook…then you are clearly an addict.

5          Bathroom Excursions


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Facebook chat conversations can become pretty engaging. Hours can go by while typing on an extended thread. But eventually, you will have to “go.” So what do you do? What else is there to do but take the laptop in the commode with you, using your lap as a makeshift desk. Reeks of addiction!

4          “Mom, what is Facebook?!”


via: Kristan Steele’s EDM310 Class Blog

If having a multitude of friends on Facebook validates you, then you are an addict. If you create a profile for your 5-year-old son, just so you can have one more friend, then you are a mega addict.