Is This The Same Canibus That Once Battled LL Cool J?

Back in December of 1997, Canibus first revealed that he had a verbal confrontation with rap great LL Cool J. What ensued was one of the greatest Hip-Hop battles of all-time. Canibus was a heavy, HEAVY underdog; going up against one of the pioneers of rap. He didn”t stand a chance. Insert “Second Round KO,” one of the most disrespectful diss records in history. This record showed promise and broadcasted Canibus” skills as a lyricist and as a battle rapper. Now let”s fast forward 15 years later…

Canibus vs. Dizaster
(you might want to watch the full 60 mins of this)

via: John Sullivan”s YouTube Channel

Ummm…let”s recap here:
There are so many “classic” (in our most sarcastic voice ever) Canibus punchlines in this video that we are going to deem them “Canibalisms.” One Canibalism that stuck out to us was the line that he dropped stating that, “He (Canibus) entered this world out of his mother”s vagina, while Dizaster entered this world out his respective mother”s rear end covered in humus.” Huh? Canibus is one SICK individual. He had three weeks to prepare for this battle and that”s the type of rhymes that you come up with?

Watching this video, we were filled with a sea of mixed emotions. Not only was this video gut-wrenchingly hilarious, but it was also very sad. Canibus, who had shown so much promise circa “97, “98 clearly is past his prime. WAAAAAAY past his prime. Now give all credit to Dizaster, he was well-prepared and showed that bonus casino he had the lyrical prowess to dismantle Canibus on his best day. But come on…THIS was Canibus” reentry into the world of battle rapping? He should have just stayed irrelevant. In this case, his bad publicity is TERRIBLE publicity.

So after he declares Dizaster the victor, we wonder why there is still about 25 minutes left in the video. *Sigh*
Not only does Canibus declare his opponent the victor, he admits that he choked and proceeds to beg the crowd to allow him to recite his written rhymes out of his 30-page notebook. Wow. Any shade of respect that Canibus had left is now lost in the winds of fallen hip-hop legends. The thing is, Canibus was never a legend. He just had a legendary battle with one.

Needless to say, this was not Canibus” finest hour. The video concludes with him pleading to the crowd one last time, and then setting up his own impromptu “meet and greet” because he felt that the fans there had spent their hard-earned money and would love to “meet the kid.” We think that we noticed one person lined up to shake his hand: the guy who had his shirt unbuttoned the whole video.

Feel free to comment and let us know some of your favorite Canibalisms. We would love to hear them (seriously).