WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile application that acts as a smartphone messenger, available for smartphones. This application can be used with your 3G plan or whenever there is a WiFi connection available. This mobile application allows you to receive and send messages to friends and loved ones. It also offers the ability to send and receive pictures, audio and video messages, directly to your mobile device.

How Does the WhatsApp Messenger Operate?
WhatsApp Messenger is easily operable. Go to the Google Play Store and perform a search for it. Once you’re on the correct download page, just click “Install” and you will get the best messaging application on your mobile device . It’s that simple, search, install and enjoy.
For this application to really work for you, you might think of it as a step-up from your normal text messaging. It is a fact that smartphones are able to receive calls, text and more. But with WhatsApp Messenger, you turn your smartphone into a fully functional Internet-based device even when you are away from home.
WhatsApp Messenger simply takes simple text messaging to a whole new level. Instead of relying solely on the telephone network, you can use another text messaging platform. And the good news is that you can send a text message to your friends online. This means that even if they are on their computers, you can send text messages and you can even expect them to respond. This convenience is without doubt.

Special Note
It is important to understand that WhatsApp Messenger is an application initially used on a trial basis. After that you will be charged $ 0.99 USD per year. This is truly a good and cheap deal.

WhatsApp Features
Send text, photos, files and videos to your contacts
Automatically Connect With Contact – once the application is installed on the device, it will work automatically to search through the contact list on your phone. All of your contacts who are already using WhatsApp are displayed instantly

Ability To Group Chat
WhatsApp messages internationally – it works like email. If you can send emails to any international contact(s) in your phone, then you can send messages to your contact(s) via WhatsApp International
Chat capability with friends around the world, as long as they are using WhatsApp Messenger as well
Offline messages – this feature allows you to get any missed notifications, in the event that you turned off your phone
Automatic Log In – once WhatsApp Messenger is installed and used on your phone, it will connect continuously. This means that once you have it, then you are well on your way.

What Makes WhatsApp a Great App?
The first factor that makes WhatsApp is an interesting application is that it allows you to send WhatsApp messages to your contacts without the need to use your phone’s minutes. This means that you send messages to to friends who also use the WhatsApp Messenger application.
Another great thing about the mobile app is that you can use it. Just download and you can enjoy the freedom to send unlimited text messages. This application uses the Internet, 3G or EDGE connection plane , or Wi-Fi connectivity (if available).
On a final note, WhatsApp Messenger is an application that allows you to have the freedom to use a chat tool on the web. With this application, you can send text messages, even if the phone is out of minutes or has reached its allocated plan restrictions. This application is simply stunning and is now considered by many as the fastest implementation of chat ever.


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