3 Things To Do With That Car That’s a Lemon

When you’re 16, your first car might seem like the car of your dreams. When you turn 30, that same car might only be a rusted ornament on your front lawn. Sure, it holds some sentimental value, but the space where your immobilized car occupies is blocking the sun and killing your grass. So how do you get rid of ancient car that has materialized into a lemon? Here are 3 quick ways to get rid of your old car:

3             Donate It To “Charity”

via: Home Helpers

Why do we have the word charity in quotations? Well…we don’t necessarily mean charity in the context that you may be thinking of. We all have naive friends that we can deceive at times. We can label said friend as “sucker.” Direct your “sucker” to your lemon of a car and convince him of the benefits of engaging in a restoration project. Even give it to him pro bono. He agrees to terms, you hand the keys over to him and the car is off of your hands.

2             Hand It Over To Some Homeless Guys

via: Juicebox

If you saw the movie “The Other Guys” with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, then you can understand the appreciation that a group of homeless guys can have for an abandoned car. They can utilize the car for so many activities, namely for a “soup kitchen.” You have to watch the movie to get the definition of that one.

1             Drive It Off of a Cliff

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Look man, jet some jumper cables, start the car up one last time. Find the nearest cliff and drive the car off of it. Of course, make sure that you jump out before the car takes that plunge. Bright sides: 1. The car is off of your hands and your grass can grow; 2. If you have good car insurance, you can possibly be compensated. “Oops.”