9 Biggest Turn Offs

Some say that a woman knows if she wants to have sex with a man upon first sight. Well fellas, if you fit into any of these violations, you can pretty much kiss your chances goodbye. Ladies, you can probably relate to these. Here are the 9 biggest turn offs for a woman:

9              Bad Breath         

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When you are out on a date, you generally are in a place with a good amount of noise in the background. In turn, you have to get close to your date in order to hear them. A guy with bad breath can really turn your stomach. Is it bad oral hygiene? Even worse, is it something wrong with his insides? Like is there a fecal-covered baby inhabiting his stomach? Regardless of what’s the cause, there are too many solutions at Walgreens for anyone to have bad breath.

8              Crooked Teeth           

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What was Jerome from Martin’s biggest flaw? That’s right, his teeth. That grill of Jerome’s could never fully land him Pam, despite his numerous attempts. A mouth begging for some braces is not the most attractive sight in the world. Its a barbed wire fence blocking the gateway of love. Well, forget all of that, its just downright ugly. Fellas, take care of your teeth. Its essential.

7              Small Penis          

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It is said that a guy who is lacking in the pants area will make a big purchase to compensate for his “shortcomings.” So should a guy driving a red Ferrari be a red flag for a woman on the first date? C’mon now, do we look stupid? For most women, a red Ferrari will cause the hormones to go into a frenzy. But fellas, when its time to unbuckle your belt and drop your britches and the old “shortcomings” adage is true, then you will turn off the most sexually stimulated woman.