9 Signs That He’s Not Into You

6            You Cannot Leave               Anything At His House

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If he can sniff a toothbrush entering his premises from a mile away; If the two of you have sex and he locates your panties before you do; If he vacuums up every strand of hair that hits his pillow, then you might not be as welcome as you may think. His house is not your home. Maybe those sexy undergarments that you wear for him are not keepsake-worthy.

5            He Attends Major               Events Without You

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A family member’s graduation, a friend’s engagement party, mom’s birthday celebration…you’re never there. He always asks you to “sit this one out.” Events that are important to him will be equally as important to you, as they should be. But why can’t you all partake in these events together? Maybe that dress that you decided to wear (every time there’s an event) isn’t as appealing as you may have thought it was.

4             He’s Already Involved                With Someone Else

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If he has someone else that he is committed to, then he can’t FULLY commit to you. Bottom line. Being the “side chick” does nothing but spell disaster. You will never be his number one priority. Maybe you’re just “Grade B” quality to him. You will never top “Grade A.”