9 Signs That He’s Not Into You

A good guy is hard to come across nowadays. Countless websites and dating services are dedicated to finding you that “perfect match.” But once you get the guy, the battle isn’t over. Keeping him is just as tough as reeling him in. When things get a little rocky, how do you know when to walk away? Easy, by realizing the signs. Here are 9 signs that he’s not that into you:

9            He Takes Forever To               Text or Email You Back

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The downfall of text messaging and email is the factor of delayed response. When there is voice communication, responses are more instant. If you send him a text or an email and he takes an extended period of time to respond, there is a possibility that something (or someone) else is keeping his attention. Of course, there are those few times when he has to think before he responds, or handle something that may hold a little more precedence. But if delayed response is a norm within your sms/email communication, then you’re probably just not that interesting to him.

8             He Dismisses Your                Ideas/Dreams

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We all want to prosper and progress in our lives. What better way to achieve that possibility than by having dreams and ideas. And when you have a dream or idea, you want to share it with the people who you care about the most, i.e., your family, your friends, and THE MAN THAT YOU ARE DATING. If he views your ideas and dreams as stupid or insignificant, then you’re probably just not ambitious (or smart) enough for him.

7             He Only Wants You                Over After the Clock                Strikes Midnight

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You’ve been trying to see him all day and he has had excuses as to why you can’t. You’re getting ready to climb in your bed and your phone rings. Its him. You look at your alarm clock and it reads 12:00 am. He wants you to “come see him.” Ladies, what is this called? That’s right, a BOOTY CALL. If late night rendezvous are a trend for your “relationship,” then maybe your booty is your best quality. Or maybe you look better in the night time.