9 Things That Make Thugs Cry

6          Being Pepper Sprayed


Pepper Spray is used to calm large crowds and humble the rowdiest individual. A shot square in the eyes is a tough pill to swallow. Hard to hold back the tears when you start feeling that burning sensation.

5          Realizing the 2Pac
            Hologram Isn’t Real


When Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg performed at Coachella last month, they performed on stage with 2Pac. They were said to brought him back from the dead. Thing is, this was figuratively and not literally. They performed with a life-size and very realistic-looking hologram of the legendary rapper. When a thug finds out that 2Pac can be unplugged, it is a huge let down.

4          Child Support


Having a baby mama that constantly nags you is one of the worst things for a thug. But the thing that brings him to tears is when the judge beats their gavel and orders them to make child support payments every month.