9 Things To Do On a Friday Night

6          Go To Sleep


5:00 am wake up calls, hour commute in traffic, 8-hour work days, an hour reverse trip, only to do it again for five days in a row. If this is your schedule, then the only thing you want to do with your Friday night is catch up on some much needed rest. But be cautious, while you are sleeping through the night, your buddies are out with some hot chicks enjoying themselves. You could also end up with a saliva-drenched pillow as you can see in the image above.

5          Go Clubbing


Women looking for men, men looking for women, drinks, music and all of the pinned up debauchery of a stress-filled work week. What more can you ask for? So ladies, put on the “freak ’em dress” and fellas put on your Friday night’s finest and have a night on the town. But be cautious, grind up on that girl that you have your eye on too inappropriately and you might be getting thrown out of the club, head first, by security.

4          Blind Date


All of this work that you have on your plate makes it hard for you to fully explore the dating scene the way you want? Haven’t been on a meaningful date in ages? Spend your Friday night going on that blind date that your friend has been trying to set you up on. But be cautious, blind dates are obviously always a huge risk. Go on the date with the mentality that this could possibly end up being a Friday night to not remember.