9 Things To Do On a Friday Night

Well, its Friday, officially the beginning to the weekend. Time to let your hair down, blow that paycheck and let it all hang loose. But, wrong decisions on a Friday night can lead to humiliation or jail time for the remainder of the weekend. In that case, maybe the “Friday Night Alternative” might be the route to go. Whatever route you decide to go, here are 9 ways to spend your Friday night:

9          Happy Hour


One of the most common things to unwind after a long, grueling work week, is to go to happy hour and have drinks with co-workers. Be cautious though, too much alcohol and you can be the topic of conversation at the water cooler on Monday.

8          Game Night


Its 2012. No one plays Taboo or board games anymore. What’s the new way to have friends over for games and activities?…INTERACTIVE VIDEO GAMES. Nintendo Wii, xBox Kinect and PlayStation Move Parties are now the way to have fun in America. But be cautious, get too excited while playing “Wii Sports Ping Pong” and you could end up giving that girl you like a black eye.

7          Strip Club


Friday Night, just got paid. Rush over to your local check cashing store and convert that paycheck into a stack of dollar bills. Head over to your nearest strip club and make it rain until its all gone. But be cautious, that stripper you fall in love with might cause you to blow your rent money. Then you end up with no home and no stripper to bring home.