9 Weird Animal Mating Habits

As human beings, we all know how we…*ahem*…mate. But not all creatures mate in the same fashion as humans do. In fact, we may view the way that other creatures mate as weird. Well, their unique mating habits are normal to them. Here are 9 weird animal mating habits:



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Flatworms are hermaphrodites (they have both male and female sexual organs). Even more bizarre, their penises are two dagger-like extensions that also double as a hunting mechanism. During mating, two flatworms fight (or “penis fence”) to stab each other, while avoiding getting stabbed. The “loser” who gets stabbed will absorb the sperm through its skin and then scoots off to bear the burden of motherhood.



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We all know giraffes as the tall animals with long necks, who feed off of the top of trees all day. But do you ever wonder how they have sex (sick, right)? Well as you can imagine, mating is difficult for the long-necked giraffes. A male giraffe sees if a female giraffe is in estrus, or sexual fertility, by nudging her rump with his head to promote urination. He then proceeds to taste her urination (yummy). If her urination tastes good to him, then he will continuously follow her around until she finally gives up and gives him some.

Galapagos Giant Turtles


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Some human males believe that the bigger the penis, then the more satisfied the girl. This can promote “penis competition.” Galapagos Giant Turtles have more of a “neck competition.” To see who gets the female mate, the males stand on its hind legs and stretch their necks. Whoever have the shorter neck will concede and leave the taller turtle to mate. The winner then proceeds to attract a female by bellowing and bobbing his head furiously. When he has found a mate, the male rams the female and nips her legs until she draws them in, thereby immobilizing her. He then proceeds to mount her. Mating can last for hours, during which the male grunts and roars loudly. If he seems terribly excited about the whole deal, that’s probably because he’s been waiting a long time for sex. See, it takes 40 years for Galapagos giant tortoises to reach sexual maturity.