9 Biggest Turn Offs

6              Dirty Fingernails          

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If your man’s nails looks like he’s been out gardening right after eating a tub of ribs and didn’t wash his hands after each activity; do you plan on letting him touch you?

5              Dirty Sneakers          

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We know, we know, women who judges a man by the condition or type of shoes that he has on are rather shallow. But fellas, if you walk around with caked up mud and soot on your Chuck Taylors, then maybe you belong on a construction site instead of in the company of a young lady. Ladies, we will excuse your shallowness on this one.

4              Bad Haircut          

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Your hair is located on the top of your head for a reason…it is the first thing you notice. It is the apex. A bad haircut on a guy can make him look downright stupid. You shouldn’t have to put up with that embarrassment. Major turn off.