Top 9 Will Ferrell Movies

3          Anchorman: The Legend             of Ron Burgundy


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The heart (and ears) of San Diego belongs to Ron Burgundy, legendary local news anchor. Ron has been reporting the news in San Diego for years along with his news team. But, when a new, female anchor comes to threaten his position, an all-out war ensues.

2          Step Brothers


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Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play Brennan Huff and Dale Doback, two unemployed, middle-aged and spoiled men who still live with and are completely reliant on their parents. When their parents decide to get married and move in together, they are now forced to be united with one another. Starting off as enemies is an understatement, but they eventually realize that they have much in common and become best friends.

1          Talladega Nights: The             Ballad of Ricky Bobby


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Since Ricky Bobby (Ferrell) was a young kid, he wanted to “Go Fast.” He emerges as the #1 driver in Nascar, doing whatever it takes to win. When a Formula One driver (Sacha Baron Cohen) threatens to take his crown, Bobby folds under the pressure. His rise back to the top is movie gold.