Love and Hip-Hip Atlanta: Episode 3 Recap

The dramatic rollercoaster called Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta continued last night. Episode 3 followed suit with many of its predecessors, as viewers were left with their mouths agaped.

In this week’s episode, we got a better look into K. Michelle and her recording industry struggles in the past. Via her current producer B. Cox and her manager Jeff Robinson, they explain why industry “big wigs” are afraid to take a chance on her. Apparently, when K. Michelle got wind of her depleted recording budget, she burst into the offices of Jive Records and caused an enormous scene. Screaming, “why” and “who’s to blame” (amongst other things), she eventually had to be escorted out by security. This eventually led to her being dropped from the label and more importantly, it left everybody to believe that K. Michelle was rather demented. Subsequently, she has been “blackballed” (so to speak) from the music industry. B. Cox decides to set up a showcase to let everyone see the real K. Michelle: musically and emotionally. He describes it as her “last chance” to woo people in the music industry and get back on their good graces. She sings her heart out at the showcase and didn’t lose her cool in the process.

Although not a part of the main credits, clearly the star of this show is Stevie J. Viewers tune in every week to see what shenanigans he is going to pull next. Being in the industry (and a part of the show), Stevie J. shows up to the showcase also. Having had one too many drinks, he sees Mimi behind him giving him an evil eye. Now why is Mimi giving him an evil eye this time you ask? Because the gossiping Karlie Reed points out a female in the audience and tells Mimi that that is the woman who is going around telling everyone that she has slept with Stevie J. To try and defuse the tension, Stevie then gets up and goes over to Mimi, and repeatedly asks her for a kiss. After Mimi’s constant rejection, he eventually leaves. Erica then proceeds to mock Stevie, and Stevie overheard it. He then goes over to confront Erica, calling her a bitch in the process. Of course this does not boil over too well with Lil Scrappy when Erica goes home and recap the story with him (see Scrappy put his “paws” on Stevie in next week’s episode).

Even with all of the drama at K. Michelle’s showcase, that still was not the highlight of the episode. Of course, the main highlight came from the love triangle between Stevie, Mimi and Joseline. It was taken to another level this week! This episode begins where things left off last week with Joseline telling Stevie J that she’s pregnant with his child. Stevie finally admits that he slept with Joseline (apparently they’ve been sleeping with each other for the past four to six months), but denies that he’s the father of her child. Joseline threatens to take half of his money, but Stevie J dismisses her threats. After talking to a friend, Joseline decides to sit down with Mimi to talk about her pregnancy with Stevie J. Mimi tries to keep her cool, but criticizes Joseline for being a stripper who just wants to be famous and questions who she’s pregnant by. As the two women argue, Stevie J texts Joseline and Mimi asks that he meet with them. When Stevie arrives, he finally admits that he slept with Joseline but claims they haven’t had sex in a month, while Joseline claims they had sex five days ago. Stevie then pulls out Joesline pregnancy test from his pocket and places it on the table. “What type of man carries around another woman’s pregnancy test in his pocket and claims the baby isn’t his?”, Mimi says. Well, apparently Stevie J does. Mimi decides to walk away from the situation, and Stevie J and Joseline end up nearly coming to blows in the restaurant and arguing in the streets about ending their relationship. But Stevie raises a red flag when he tells Joseline that he’ll send her back to the strip club. Clearly, this dysfunctional relationship is already emotionally abusive and borders on being physically abusive.

Check out Episode 3 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta below. Enjoy:

via: VH1 Online