Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: Episode 7 Recap

Episode 7 of Love and Hip Hop was filled with tough decisions, and of course, more drama.

Joseline is backing up her words about moving on without Stevie J. After booking her own photo shoot in the last episode, Joseline continued to make her independence known by also booking alone time in the studio with another producer. Needless to say, Stevie did not take this too kindly. While Joseline was busy making music in the studio, Stevie was busy delivering vocals on stage. Stevie surprised Mimi Faust with a song about their troubled relationship. After hearing Mimi’s hurt-filled reply, they both agreed to see a therapist.

While Stevie J and Mimi were trying to reconcile their relationship, K. Michelle was trying her best to move beyond her previous one by going on a date. After an entertaining date with pro football player Stevie Baggs, K. Michelle quickly had lunch with an old college ex to discuss the details. He pointed out that K. Michelle might be having trouble keeping a man because she’s consistently going after the wrong type of men.

Rasheeda and her husband/manager Kirk Frost have been going at it since their premiere episode. Instead of falling victim to the stress of the recording industry, Rasheeda proposed that they end their business dealings and work on their relationship as husband and wife. Hopefully this decision will end their drama.

Karlie Reed and Benzino’s relationship looked like a fabricated mess from their very first introduction. Show producers have given more screen time to the show’s pivotal relationships which makes Karlie and Benzino’s fling seem so unbelievable. They just met, now they’re moving in together. Karlie meets with her manager, as her manager got wind of Karlie’s “new thing” with Benzino. He warns her not to deal with Benzino, as he has burned a lot of bridges in the music industry and is not “hot” right now. Benzino shows Karlie otherwise though as he introduces her to one of the most powerful managers in the music industry.

During their therapy session, viewers learned more about Stevie and Mimi’s history. Mimi was isolated from her mother when she joined the Church of Scientology and Stevie never actually knew his mom. This moment was not only a light bulb moment for them, but for viewers as well. Maybe by learning how their pasts have influenced their relationships, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s most troubled couple can finally find peace together or apart.

Check out the best moments of Episode 7 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta below:

via: VH1 Online