Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta: Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2 of Love & Hip-Hop atlanta aired last night, and just like the premiere episode, it had the internet going nuts. Fans went into a frenzy as they watched all of the drama from last week carry-on into this one.

The episode begins with Stevie J stopping by Mimi’s business unexpectedly so that they can finally talk. Viewers were left baffled, seeing as they didn’t understand why Mimi would even entertain him after his exploits last week. Stevie, very apologetic denies f—ing Joseline (through a series of chuckles of course). He then proposes that Mimi becomes more involved with the family’s music business, and offers her 5% of the company. This is clearly tohelp alleviate the pressure that he’s feeling on Mimi’s end. She counters with 10%, but when she goes to her lawyers and present papers to Stevie during dinner, they read 20%. Stevie is completely against it, but eventually haves to give in. Sidenote, this dinner gets really funny when Stevie says, “Girl I’ll sing a song to you to prove my love to you;” then does an impromptu piano solo, much to Mimi’s enjoyment. Mimi is clearly a sucker for Stevie’s player ways.

Rasheeda was in the first episode but only for a brief period of time. We get a more in-depth look at her in this episode. She is an independent rap artist from Atlanta who has been on the scene for a few years now. Along with being a rap artist, she also struggles with a few other things. Her manager is also her husband, Kirk. The mix of business and personal life is always a delicate balance between them. She also battles motherhood, as they have an 11-year-old son. She seems to be very respected in Atlanta and seems like a protagonist on the show, but if “Marry Me” is supposed to be her breakout single, we at 9dirty believe that her rap skills are very marginal. Not to say that she is not a nice lady, we are sure that she is. Rasheeda is late for her first major video shoot in this episode and she gets into it with Kirk.

After initially meeting Joseline in the first episode, Karlie thought that Joseline was a cool chick. She also thought that Stevie J was Joseline’s man. So when Karlie spilled the beans to Mimi in the first episode, Joseline wasn’t too fond of that. She thought that Karlie had a big mouth that needed to be checked. So Joseline shows up to the gym to confront Karlie as she is exercising. Joseline basically explains to her that the road to Karlie working with Stevie J goes through her.

In one of their “studio sessions,” Joseline begins to tell Stevie that her menstrual cycle is almost a month late and that she is concerned. In typical Stevie J fashion, he deflects the situation. And with impeccable timing, Mimi walks in and the conversation abruptly stops. Mimi tells Joseline that she is going to be more hands-on with the company, being that she is now a 20% shareholder, her assertion that she is Joseline’s boss. Of course, Joseline doesn’t like this.

The highlight of the episode is when Joseline is seen taking a pregnancy test and physically breaking down. She then walks over the actual test strip and hands it to Stevie. So much for boundaries… Stevie tries to comfort Joseline and makes no qualms to show that he does not support her pregnancy. He indirectly insists that she “takes care of it.” Stevie then asks Joseline to reveal the identity of her baby’s father; she first plays coy and then says to him matter-of-factly, “I ain’t f— no one for the last six months but you.”

All videos via: VH1 Online