Love and Hip-Hip Atlanta: Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 of Love and Hip Hop seemed more like an action flick than a reality TV show. Blows were thrown, as arguments and disagreements were taken to the next level.

Well, Mimi threw Stevie J out of the house this week (we’ll see how long this lasts). If you recall last week’s episode, you will understand why. We find out the outcome of Joseline’s pregnancy, as she has had an abortion. How did Stevie J handle it? He cooked her breakfast that morning and dropped her off to the clinic (in true Stevie J fashion). When Joseline asks Stevie whether he ever loved her or not, he repeatedly deflected the question. And of course, Joseline takes him back.

Lil’ Scrappy’s relationship with Erica is up in the air. While it seemed as though Erica was still holding on to a small glimmer of hope for their relationship, Scrappy was busy moving out of her apartment and getting close to his “BFF” Shay Johnson from season two VH1’s Flavor of Love. Men will be men and rappers will be rappers.

Rasheeda throws her manager-husband Kirk a romantic dinner for the two of them. This week, viewers learned that Kirk not only has a child with the Atlanta rapper, but also four other children as well. Hopefully the couple will become an example of how to deal with a large family with little to no drama.

The showdown between Stevie J and Lil’ Scrappy was the highlight moment of this week’s show. The unscripted show went from reality to ghetto street fights volume 1 in the last fifteen minutes of the episode. After confronting Stevie J about his inappropriate language towards the mother of his child, a fight ensued on the ground with Lil’ Scrappy’s fist embedded in Stevie’s head. While the fight was the OMG moment of the show, the bombshell was the sexual accusation that Joseline hurdled towards Stevie J and Erica. Joseline was convinced that Stevie had an encounter with Erica and of course made everyone aware of her opinion. Maybe Stevie J will now think twice before using the B-word and displaying behavior meant for an episode of Basketball Wives.

Check out Episode 4 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta below:

via: VH1 Online