Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 of Love and Hip Hop wasn’t as action-packed as last week’s episode, but it still kept you entertained of course.

So after the throw-down last week, Lil Scrappy had an asthma attack. No that is not a typo…an asthma attack. After getting wasted the night before, Scrappy had to make a trip to the emergency room. And of course, who was there to take him? Erica. While Scrappy was gasping for air, Erica made sure that Scrappy was okay, comfortable and around loved ones. Then it was time for her to go to work, and she proceeded to go. Needless to say, Scrappy and Momma Dee did not take this well. Momma Dee’s proclamation of Erica “leaving her son for dead” is still ringing in our ears.

Later on in the episode, Scrappy’s new love interest/BFF Shay stops by for a visit. Of course, he confides in her about the whole situation with the asthma attack, and the “lack of empathy” that Erica displayed. Of course, Shay sided with Scrappy and advised him to let go of Erica (not in so many words) in order to make room for her. We are clear on their romance as their share a kiss at the end of this conversation.

After her showcase, K. Michelle heard of Karlie’s verbal bashing of her, and she did not take a liking to it. K. Michelle proceeds to visit Mimi and tells her of her dislike for Karlie. And of course, in true Mimi fashion, she takes sides with K. Michelle and explains her problems with Karlie also. So a meeting is set up at a restaurant between Karlie, K. Michelle and Mimi. K. Michelle comes out firing immediately with the insults, screaming and ranting. Karlie fires back, and Mimi (again, in true Mimi fashion)n played the innocent middlewoman. After a few exchanges and K. Michelle saying that she would punch Karlie in the trachea, Karlie shakes the table, spilling drinks everywhere. K. Michelle loses it and has to be drug into the bathroom to restrain her. A new beef is born.

Karlie kept busy this episode as she continued to pursue a potential working relationship with Stevie J. She met up with Stevie again, and proclaimed her desire to work with him. When she threw out that she was managed by Cash Money Records (a claim that was later revealed to be a lie via Cash Money’s Mack Maine’s Twitter), Stevie J’s interest to work with Karlie once again piqued. Joseline then walks in, and Stevie informed her that she and Karlie will be working on a song together. Of course, Joseline doesn’t take too kindly to this.

Check out Episode 5 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta below:

via: VH1 Online

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