Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: Episode 9 Recap

Episode 9 of Love and Hip Hop tied-in and brought clarity to Episode 8…

The therapy session last week ended with Stevie J. walking off after getting beat-down by Joseline. This episode picks up where that session left off. Once Joseline calms down, she explains to Dr. Jeff why this situation with Stevie makes her so upset. She dives into her childhood issues, and ironically, her childhood closely mirrors Mimi’s. Moments later, we see Benzino hanging with Stevie J at a strip club admiring a woman’s gymnastic ability. Then Stevie J talks about how he wants Mimi and Joseline to come to an understanding. “In my perfect world, I’d get them to work together,” he said. ’m in love with Mimi and Joseline. We just need one more session with the doctor and we can live happily ever after.”

Benzino meets Mimi at the Cactus Car Wash in Midtown. Mimi wears a pink shirt with the words “Potty Mouth” on it. At least she has a good sense of humor. She does curse up a storm though, usually calling Joseline the B-word over and over and over again. Joseline, in the meantime, keeps vacillating over whether to stay with Stevie J. or not, which is pretty much the same situation every week. And she cried, of course.

K. Michelle does a riveting first-person act about being a domestic violence survivor for a non-profit. Rasheeda and Erica attend. After a “Vagina Monologue-esque” performance where she came out in a wedding dress and realistic makeup that mimicked cuts and bruises on her face, Rasheeda gave her opinion to Erica. She tells Erica that she is good friends with the guy who K. Michelle says beat her and his wife. Rasheeda knows them very well and doesn’t see those qualities in that guy. Erica advises her to meet with K. Michelle and express her concern over it. When Rasheeda meets with K. Michelle and tells her how she feels, K. Michelle blows up and cannot believe that Rasheeda feels that way.

Benzino finds Karlie’s obsession over her career annoying and is feeling doubts about proposing to her. Karlie thinks he’s just angry all the time without wondering why he’s so angry.

Erica confronts Scrappy about what she has heard about him and Shay. Scrappy, of course, proclaims that he and Shay are only friends, and then says that he only loves Erica. He goes on to say that he wants to make things work between them, leaving the door open to a possible reconciliation.

Check out Episode 9 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta below:

via: VH1 Online