Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 of Love and Hip Hop concluded the first season of the eye-popping show.

The episode started off with Erica telling Scrappy that she wants nothing more, but for them to remain good friends and parents to their daughter. Erica also has her eyes on a new man (her Italian realtor).

Karlie Redd seems to be flirting with ATL rapper Roscoe Dash, in hopes that he would do a song with her. Benzino on the other hand, has been hearing rumors about Karlie and is uncertain on whether or not he wants to marry Karlie. He meets with her, and seems that he is going to propose to her, even goes as far as pulling out the ring that he got from his jeweler. But, in a twist of events, he takes the ring back. Ouch1 Of course, this upsets Karlie and prompts her to curse Benzino.

Mimi goes back to therapy to hear what Joseline has to say. Stevie walks into therapy with an “I AM GOD” t-shirt. Wow. In therapy, Stevie claims that he owns the bus that the ladies are riding on and that they need to get with the program. Joseline says, she is going to take Stevie just the way he is, and states that Mimi has been putting up with everything just the same for 15 years. Stevie shows no remorse towards the ladies, especially with Mimi. He said, he created the opportunities for them to make money. In his case, Mimi was not trying to hear it and has a new attitude. She tells Stevie that she is done!

After meeting with Erica, Scrappy meets with Shay, discussing his thoughts on getting back with Erica, but he changed his mind. Shay gets really emotional and feels that there is a miscommunication and that Scrappy needs to come correct.

K.Michelle meets with Rasheeda. She expresses how Rasheeda was being insensitive. Regardless of how everyone feels, K. Michelle is no longer shedding tears; she is going to tell her story. The show ended off with a lot of LOVE. Kirk and Rasheeda renewed their vows.

Check out the best moments of Episode 10 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta below:

via: VH1 Online