Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta: Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6 of Love and Hip Hop focused on relationships: budding, flailing or failing.

Ever since she has entered the rap game, it has been a struggle for Rasheeda. With 5 albums under her belt and a “situation” with Jive Records that ultimately petered out and dissolved into nothing. Rasheeda is now pushing well into her 30s, and wondering if she’s ever going to pop off. Her manager/husband Kirk organizes a viewing party for her new music video. But, he drops the ball when the crowd size is very lackluster. This makes Rasheeda question Kirk’s managerial skills and if they can truly make that big step with only them two. In a perfect world, she would like Kirk to co-manage with someone else. So, she takes a meeting with Atlanta music manager Deb Antney. Deb is Wacka Flocka’s mother who helped manage Nicki Minaj in her early days. In short, Deb tells her that D-Lo, her husband’s company, has got to go. This, strangely, reduces Rasheeda to tears. When she sits down with Kirk, he does not appreciate that she has taken a meeting behind her back and that he, the person who has believed in her since day one, will potentially get fired. This can truly have a toll on their marriage.

Karlie and Benzino apparently have a budding romance brewing. Personally, we all think that they are moving rather fast. After meeting in the parking lot last episode (and Karlie falling for Benzino’s tired lines), Karlie has already made her way to Benzino’s house. He cooked her a romantic lobster dinner, gave her a film book and some chocolates. How did this fare? Well, 2 minutes later, we see Karlie mount Benzino and shove her tongue down his throat. When Benzino describes the situation to Stevie J, he is clearly feeling Karlie, and exposes that he will be meeting her parents soon.

After kicking Erica to the curb for Shay, Scrappy meets up with Erica to, you know, find out if she’ll still hold him down with the whole taking him off of child support thing. Erica, smartly, doesn’t budge an inch and points out that she asked him for money last week, which he has yet to put into her bank account. Scrappy mumbles about not getting around to it yet. So Erica breaks the bad news to him: No way, Jose. This sets Scrappy off into a fit and he demands to be de-mic’d and storms out of the house.

After sending Mimi very nasty text messages,Joseline decides to try and mend some fences. Joseline invites Mimi out for coffee and a quick chat, as she tries to smooth things over with Mimi. But, Mimi isn’t being very cooperative.
For some strange reason, Mimi feels the need to assert ownership over Stevie. “That’s my daughter’s father and I will call him whenever I feel,” Mimi says. Joseline does her best to keep her cool, but the two leave the restaurant with very little accomplished.

Check out the best moments of Episode 6 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta below:

via: VH1 Online